• + Ownership:

    Thank you for your interest in being and owner of this ministry. Here at Life Changers Ministries International we don’t have members we have owners. We believe that it is when you take ownership of something that your truly care for it. Below is information you will need to complete this process.


    Requirements for ownership:


    • Obtain an application form from the church’s office.
    • Complete application and return to office in a sealed envelope.
    • If you are an ordained minister, you will be required to obtain a letter from your former pastor. In addition, all ministerial credentials must be presented with authentic seals.


    Procedures for ownership:


    • Must attend services regularly for at least one month.
    • Must submit application.
    • Must attend partnership class.
    • Official presentation, welcome and acceptance to the local body.
    • Ownership form



    Responsibilities of ownership:


    • Pray for the pastor and ministry on a daily basis.
    • Support ministry by attending church regularly.
    • Support ministry with tithes and offering.
    • Submit to the leadership of the church.
    • Protect the Unity of the Church.
    • Serve within the Ministry of the Church.

    Benefits of ownership:

    As an official owner of Life Changers Ministries International the following ministries and privileges are available to you:


    • The solemnizing of marriages
    • The performance of last rights
    • The service of dedications
    • Water baptisms
    • The privilege of receiving references as related to your commitment to Life Changers Int’l.
    • Involvement in the available ministries of L.C.M.I.
    • Ascend to leadership positions within the church
    • Access to the Ministry of counseling and guidance.
    • Access to resource material for spiritual growth.
    • Access to church facilities.
    • Travel opportunities with ministry.


    Available Ministries:

    At Life Changers Ministries International, we believe that God has given everyone a talent or gift that perfects the body. To this end, there are several ministries available that can help individuals express their uniqueness!!


    • S.E.E.D’s (Children’s Ministry Ages 3-12)
    • I AM Youth Ministry (Ages 13-25)
    • One Flesh Marriage Ministry
    • Music & Fine Arts Ministry
    • Agents of Change (Evangelism Ministry)
    • First Impression Ministry (Greeters, Ushers, Parking Attendants)
    • Media Ministry
    • New B.I.R.T.H Women’s Ministry
    • Chosen Men’s Ministry
    • Zoe Fitness Ministry
    • Intercessory Ministry

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